Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow, what a weekend.  Friday, Joey's stomach issues got worse.  We had lunch with Katherine at school, but it was not easy.  After that, we went to the hospital for the blood transfusion, but they became concerned and decided to admit him for the night.  Katherine's slumber party was that night, so Jon stayed with Joey and I went home to the party.  Fortunately, we had a lot of help.  My friend Suzanne decorated and cooked, and Shawna and Amy stayed to help with the girls.  I could have never done it alone and really didn't want to cancel it for Katherine's sake.  It was a success - I think all the girls had fun. 

As it turned out, the x-rays of his chest and abdomen were clear but he was dehydrated according to the blood tests.  It was a good thing they admitted him - they filled him with fluids. 

Saturday morning (on Katherine's 8th birthday), one of the nurses at the hospital was changing the dressing on Joey's central line.  She couldn't get the gauze to come off, so she pulled out her scissors and before Jon realized what she was doing, she froze.  Jon asked her what happened and she said "I might have cut his line".  She cut it off about an inch and a half from his chest.  We think it was coiled and she didn't see it.  It's a very basic rule never to use scissors around a central line - I know that and I'm not a nurse.  I was pretty mad when I first found out, but I know it was a complete accident.  The surgeon tried to find a repair kit, but there was not one in the whole city, so Joey went into surgery on Saturday afternoon to have his cut line removed and a new one put in.  They had to create a whole new track - the exit is about 1/2 inch from the old one.  He tolerated it better this time than the first time - he wasn't in as much paid afterwards. 

We had to cancel Katherine's birthday shopping.  She spent the day with some friends and had a fun day, so I think she was mostly ok with it.

Sunday, I woke up with Joey's stomach bug but not as severe.  It still made it difficult for me to help care for him.  They released him at about 11:30 and we planned to to have Katherine's birthday dinner and then take her shopping, but it didn't happen.  As soon as we got home, Joey's "issues" started again after stopping while in the hospital.  Luckily, Mom took Katherine to a movie. 

I woke up feeling fine today but worked from home to be with Joey.  He still isn't feeling well and the "issues" haven't lightened up yet.  Jon just called Dr. Rosen to ask if we can give him something to stop the diarrhea, but found out we may end up back in the hospital tonight.  We are praying not. 

Joey's birthday is Wed and I really want him to be able to enjoy it by taking snacks to Tree House and having a b-day dinner with cake.  If it doesn't happen, we can do it later, but he'll be disappointed. Right now, all he wants to do is lay around. 

One other thing... Jon left his wallet in the surgery waiting room on Saturday.  We got it back from security but today noticed some charges on our account that weren't ours.  Turns out, someone took the credit card out of his wallet before they turned it in.  Nice, huh...

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