Friday, October 7, 2011

Surgery #4

Joey had his port put in today. It's a pretty minor surgery, but it still involves general anesthesia. It was scheduled for 3:30 but the surgeon was ahead of schedule so they asked us to come in early.  We got to the hospital at about noon.  He spent some time in the prep room and went into the OR around 1:30.  It took about an hour and he then went into recovery.  At about 3:30, we got to see him.  We was awake but in a lot of pain.  They gave him a 3rd pain medication but he aspirated some of it and choked for a while. I felt bad for him b/c he was already in pain and then choking and coughing on top of that.  After about 30 min, the medicine finally kicked in, he was more comfortable, and asked to go home.  We left for home about 5:00.

He's been doing ok while at home.  He was hungry, so we got him what he requested: Sonic. After just a few bites, his tummy got upset so he didn't eat much.  A little while after that, he was crying from the tummy ache.  We got him some Sprite and Benadryl, and he eventually felt better. He's still sore but I gave him more pain medication right before bed and I'll get up and give him more at 3:30am.

 Looking at a port with Melissa, the Child Life Specialist

 The "before" picture

 Just waiting and playing DS

 Decorating his mask

 After surgery and in some pain

The "after" picture

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Light the Night

Joey and I were on live TV yesterday to talk about the Light the Night Walk (an LLS fundraiser).  It's really fun having Joey as the Honored Hero for the walk.  We have a large team and a high goal, but we're falling short of our goal.  If you feel led to make a donation and help us reach our goal, please use this link to do so.  Thank you!

Another Surgery Scheduled

Joey will be going into surgery again on Friday to have a port placed in his chest.  Please pray that he'll have a fast recovery with very little pain.