Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Party

We decided to do the kids' birthday celebrations a little different this year.  Instead of smaller, separate parties, we did one combined, bigger party.  We also asked for donations for our Light the Night team instead of gifts.

We ended up with over 40 people at our house and LOTS of kids.  It was a little wild, but I think the kids had fun.  They raised $710 for LLS!  I was surprised it was that much. Some people gave more than what they would have spend on a gift.

Special Day at McConnell

Since Joey got to be a Pilot for a Day at McConnell, he was also invited to spend an afternoon on base to watch them practice for the airshow (which was the next 2 days). We convinced him to wear his flight suit (it still fits after almost 2 years).  We got to watch the Thunderbirds practice and then meet them all and get autographs. We also met the parachuting team and then watched them jump in formation.  It was all very cool.  Joey loved it. Because of security, they only allowed 3 people from each family to go, so Katherine didn't get to see it - she had to stay at school.