Saturday, June 28, 2008


Joey has decided in the last few months that he loves Spiderman. He goes around yelling "I Spiderman!".

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Father's Day

I thought this was too cute not to take a picture of. This is Jon & Joseph on Father's Day. It's also where we find them almost every Sunday afternoon - on my mom's sofa in front of the big screen TV.

Soccer Awards

The Upward Soccer season ended with an awards ceremony. Each player was given a mini soccerball as their award.

Here are the Chicklets.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kids' Zoobilee

Saturday night, we went to Kids' Zoobilee at the zoo. Home Depot gave out plants to plant and kits to make wooden ships. The big girls spent a lot of time in the inflatibles.

Dance Recital

Friday night was Katherine's dance recital. She did one dance (tap) and then the finale with the other dancers. She did really great. I can see a big improvement from her recital a year ago. Katherine is the last one on the right.

Again, she is the last one on the right of the girls in the front in hot pink skirts.
She got flowers from Grandpa and Daddy.

Dress Rehearsal Excitement

Thursday night was the dress rehearsal for Katherine's dance recital. We were at Century II, just getting all of the kids on the stage to practice the finale (we practiced it first) when the tornado sirens went off. We filled down 3 flights of concrete stairs into the basement. The kids were a little bored waiting, but I knew that it was a good place to be in a tornado. I don't think we would have even heard a tornado going over us.

Once it was clear, we continued with the rehearsal.

I took some pictures of us while in the basement.

End of Year Program

On May 22, was Katherine's end of year school program. The kids sang some songs and did some dancing. Katherine stood at the mic and gave the welcome to everyone.

At the end of the program, the kids were given certificates. We were a bit surprised to see Katherine get a certificate for Kindergarten. Her teacher said that we will talk this summer about whether Katherine starts 1st grade in August or if she will start a full year of Kindergarten.

Here she is with her teacher, Miss Weeks. She owns and runs ECAP Academy. She is one of the developers of the program.

Katherine, Austin, and Tate.

After the program, I (Angie) took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. The kids had a blast.