Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Joey is officially in the maintenance phase of his treatments.  This is the final phase and will last about 14 months. Overall, he'll be getting less chemo, although it may not seem like it, since he'll get a leg shot every week.

He had his first shot today and he did really well with it.  It helps that we used the magic cream to numb it.  He still felt some of it, but he was ok.  His leg hurt for a little while afterwards and limped a little bit back to the car.  It was a little more of a stick then I was expecting.  It's more than an immunization type of shot.  It left a bigger hole and bled more than I was expecting, but I'm sure we'll get used to them soon enough.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hard Treatment Week

Joey had a spinal tap on Monday. As usual, he did really great, and did everything they asked him to do.  He also got Vincristine in his port and started his 7 days of steroids.  His back was sort for a couple of days but he's been doing pretty well this week.  The steroids are really taking effect but he hasn't had any bone pain, which he has had every other time he's gotten the VCR.

Belt Testing

Katherine had her second belt testing.  She now has her green tips for her yellow belt.

Man/Woman of the Year Kick-off

The 10-week campaign is now underway.  We attended the kick-off party on the 23rd.  There are 12 candidates, which is the most the Kansas chapter has ever had.  Things are going to get really busy but really fun!
Joey was introduced to the crowd - he was a little embarrassed but did great.

Last Chemo Pills!

On Feb 22, Joey took the last 7 Methotrexate pills that he'll need to take. Since last April, he has taken a series of pills every other week.  He would take 7 pills, 4 times.  It was 28 pills in an 18-hr period. I had to take a picture of the last time I had to count them out.

Valentine's Day

Making Valentines for the Man/Woman of the Year candidates.

 Making valentines for school

School party

Daddy brought Katherine flowers

LLS Bowling

On Feb 9, we got together with our LLS family for some pizza, bowling, and fun. Last year, we did this at about the same time and that's when we first met several of the families. The kids had a blast, and I spent more time socializing than bowling.