Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of School

Katherine started Kindergarten this week. She is going to the same school where she went to Pre-K. They have changed the name of the school from The ECAP Academy to The Paige Academy - ECAP. Even though she was sad to leave Karla's she was excited about starting school.

Since we could no longer take Joey to Karla's we decided to put him into the same school that Katherine goes to. He did well with the testing, so he was accepted into the pre-school class. He goes full time, so it has been an adjustment for him, but he is doing really well. I leave work now at 3:00 (instead of 5:00), so I can pick them up. They are getting home 2 hours earlier now than they did before.

Old Settlers Day

We went to the parade in Mulvane last Saturday. At first, Katherine wasn't sure how to get the candy we promised her, but she figured it out.

Last Day at Karla's

August 15th was the kids' last day at Karla's house. Both kids have been going to her daycare since a few months old. Katherine first started going there on Dec 16, 2002. Karla has been a HUGE part of their lives, so it was bittersweet. Karla closed her daycare after 33 years to go into full time counselling. Katherine would have been leaving there to start school anyway, but we had to find something for Joseph.

On their last day, I let Katherine take my camera and take all the pictures she wanted. Here are a couple of my favorites (she obviously didn't actually take these).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Katherine on TV

Katherine's teacher was interviewed on KSN a couple of weeks ago. They invited 3 students, including Katherine. The kids didn't do much, but it was Katherine's 2 minutes of "fame".

Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Vacation

We took a family vacation to San Antonio last week. It was the first vacation we have taken with the four of us. We got there on Friday afternoon and left Tuesday morning. We saw the Alamo, spent time at the River Walk, and spent 2 days at Sea World.

We ate at the Rain Forest Cafe on the River Walk our first night there.

The kids enjoyed snuggling with each other.

Here are the kids in the middle of the Alamo.

We waited in line to get into the main building. It was hot, but not as hot as it was in Wichita!

Katherine posed for pictures while we waited for a table at another restaurant along the River Walk.
This is one area of the River Walk. We ate under the umbrellas and took a ride on one of the river boats.

Our hotel was built in 1852 (or something close to that). It was very cool.

The end of a long first day at Sea World.

Joey spent a lot of time on Jon's shoulders.

We couldn't go to Sea World and not see Shamu. The kids loved it.

The garden at our hotel.
Our last night at the River Walk.