Friday, June 24, 2011

Disney World Vacation

My family has been talking about going to Disney World for the last few years.  When Joey got sick, we weren't sure if we'd still be able to go, but the doctor reassured us that we could go as long as he wasn't in the hospital.  We spent a week there and it was great.  Our kids got to fly for the first time, and they really loved the trip.

Joey is a Big Boy!

After 5 1/2 years of sucking his thumb, he finally decided that he was done.  We've tried for the last year to get him to stop but then started leaving him alone about it once he got sick.  We decided to try to help him stop again and he actually agreed with us that it was time.  It was hard for him for a few days, but then he was pretty much past it.  It's good because it drives me crazy to think about all the germ he puts in his mouth, but alittle sad because he's past that stage in his life.

He got to go shopping and pick out a special reward. He picked Buzz Lightyear.

Katherine's Baptism

On May22, Katherine was baptised at our church by her own daddy. 

Awana Awards

Joey usually goes to Cubbies at our church and he started this last year, but he was diagnosed the first week, so he missed most of the year.  However, he got to go for the last month and his Grandma helped him get caught up with his Bible verses enough to earn his award.

Katherine finished her 3rd and last year of Sparks and earned the Sparkie of the Year award.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm sorry that I've been so bad about updating the blog lately.  We've just been crazy busy, mostly with good things.  Joey has been doing really well and still taking his chemo every-other week with mostly no problems.  His labs have been dipping low, but they come back up. 

Tomorrow, we leave for our Disney World trip.  The kids are excited but don't know enough yet of what to expect.  They are very happy about getting to ride in an airplane for the first time.  Joey points them out to me all the time (he likes to argue with me that an airplane and a jet are two different things), and he's been begging to go in one.

I'll be better about updating this after our trip and I'll post pictures.  It's 2am now, and I better be off to bed.  Good night!