Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joey made it through 4 straight weeks of chemo with no severe side effects.  He has gotten tired and had some muscle weakness but has managed ok.  His counts have been low and his immune system is extremely low, so it's surprising that he hasn't gotten sick.  We're SO fortunate that he has had no infections.  

We attended a Thunder hockey game that honored cancer patients.  We went on the ice in a survivor circle and Joey and 2 of his friends (who also have leukemia) got to meet the team.  He wore orange for leukemia.  

Katherine had her school music program last week.  It was Disney-themed, so they all dressed like Disney characters.  Katherine was Gabriella from HSM. 

For our peer support group this month, the kids got to paint.  Their paintings will be used to create a book and the originals will be auctioned to raise money for the Leukemia Society via a Man of the Year candidate.  Katherine got to paint too, but she got to bring her painting home.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We braved the elements again today to go to the doctor for another dose of Vincristine.  A 5-min push of meds turned into 2 1/2 hours, but we made it.  I worked from home today and it was just me and Joey.  After lunch, I thought it was very quiet in the house, so I came out of my office to see what he was doing.  His bedroom door was closed.  I peaked in to see him asleep under his covers.  The poor guy had crawled into bed all on his own.  I could tell even before that, that he was getting tired.  It's not the kind of tired like when it's bedtime - it's the kind where you know all of his muscles are tired. 

Here is a picture of him with his new friend, Jesse, who also has leukemia.  We met Jesse and his mom in the hospital. 

He was given 2 Lego sets by people that work with me at Hawker.  He loves these things!  He wanted to pose with them - I did not make him do it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Running for Joey

Several years ago, we made some new friends through our weekly Bible Study (Desta & Brian).  After getting to know them, they moved on to Atlanta.  We've been able to keep in contact with them over the years through blogs and Facebook.  When Joey got sick, Desta really wanted to do something to help.  She had become a runner so she decided to dedicate a marathon to Joey and raise funds in his honor for Make-a-Wish Kansas.  Since then, she has run several more races and has met her fund-raising goal.

Please read this web article about her story - it's great!

Joey stayed home a couple of days this week because of the snow storm.  However, we did brave the wind to go to the doctor on Tuesday to have his counts checked.  They were OK, so we went back on Wed for his Vincristine (VCR).  He is also on steroids again this week.  A week isn't long enough to cause too many problems, so we're thankful it's no longer than that.  So far, he's a little more tired than usual and his eating habits are strange, but he's doing well overall.

Jon was supposed to start his new job on Tuesday of last week, but it was pushed until Thursday due to the weather.  Those 2 days were hard on him, but he was SO happy to finally start.  It's hard to tell how a place will be after only 2 days on the job, but it's really good so far.  He seems like a new person now that he's out of the house again.

Both kids had been begging us to take them to Tae Kwon Do classes, so we found one close and went on Thursday night.  We thought it would be fun for all 4 of us to do together.  Also - Joey won't be able to play soccer this year and I thought martial arts would be perfect for him.  Katherine got right into it and loved it, but Joey shut down as soon as we walked into the room.  He held onto me the whole hour.  So, Jon and Katherine are going to keep doing it and we'll wait for Joey to get comfortable.

Through the wonders of the internet, we've been making lots of new friends.  One more found us last week (though a reference from another new friend).  She is an artist and asked if she could sell a print in honor of Joey.  Please visit her Etsy page and/or her blog.