Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joey stayed home a couple of days this week because of the snow storm.  However, we did brave the wind to go to the doctor on Tuesday to have his counts checked.  They were OK, so we went back on Wed for his Vincristine (VCR).  He is also on steroids again this week.  A week isn't long enough to cause too many problems, so we're thankful it's no longer than that.  So far, he's a little more tired than usual and his eating habits are strange, but he's doing well overall.

Jon was supposed to start his new job on Tuesday of last week, but it was pushed until Thursday due to the weather.  Those 2 days were hard on him, but he was SO happy to finally start.  It's hard to tell how a place will be after only 2 days on the job, but it's really good so far.  He seems like a new person now that he's out of the house again.

Both kids had been begging us to take them to Tae Kwon Do classes, so we found one close and went on Thursday night.  We thought it would be fun for all 4 of us to do together.  Also - Joey won't be able to play soccer this year and I thought martial arts would be perfect for him.  Katherine got right into it and loved it, but Joey shut down as soon as we walked into the room.  He held onto me the whole hour.  So, Jon and Katherine are going to keep doing it and we'll wait for Joey to get comfortable.

Through the wonders of the internet, we've been making lots of new friends.  One more found us last week (though a reference from another new friend).  She is an artist and asked if she could sell a print in honor of Joey.  Please visit her Etsy page and/or her blog.

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Barbra said...

Angie and Jon-
I am hoping to encourage you with my brief story. Our 8 year old son has had medical problems since birth and has been to so many doctors for so many things. At age 3 he developed severe anxiety attacks-after much time, we found a diagnosis of Selective Mutism that fits the issues he has. Anyway, we tried to force sports and he would shut down. We tried to socially engage him in lots of different activities for years with the same results. By age 6 we decided to let him lead w/ social activities he wants to do-he had his first friend birthday party that year (he had one friend over for ice cream)! We continue to encourage and at times push a bit-this year, he has asked to play basketball! We are in the middle of they season right now-and he is doing it! Our kiddo who shut down in all public settings has one game left to play in his season-with other kids, listening and doing what the coach says, and in front of parents! We attribute this to time, healing, cognitive development, and God's hand carrying us all through these years with Geoffrey!
I will be praying the same results can be realized for Joey, in time! I will be praying for strength for you guys-thank you for sharing your journey!