Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joey's counts were up enough to get his chemo on Wednesday.  He got another spinal and it was the "least worst" so far.  He wanted to be brave, so he didn't fight them this time.  When they were ready, he bit down on a foam ship that is supposed to be a stress reliever.  He said he bit down so hard, he thought his eyes might turn green like the Hulk.  He actually bit it hard enough to tear it, so it's now in 2 pieces.  Luckily, the spinal fluid came out easily this time, so it wasn't extra painful.  After the spinal, he got his bag for the 48-hr chemo (MTX).

Here is a picture of his pump and chemo bag that he carries in the backpack.  When the bag is full, it's really heavy for him to carry, especially on a back that's sore from the spinal.

On Thursday night, we had our first get-together with the Leukemia support group.  We ate pizza and bowled.  I was worried that Joey wouldn't be able to bowl since he had to carry his pack, but he still had a lot of fun.  It was good to meet some new families and hang out with others going through similar things.

Today, we took the kids ice skating.  I was amazed by how good Katherine was.  She has been 2 other times without me so I hadn't seen her do it until today.  She was trying to learn spins.  Joey was crazy - he wouldn't wait to see if he was stable on his feet before going.  Next time, I think I'll have him wear his bike helmet.

Joey loves cowboy stuff and dressed himself in his cowboy clothes this morning.  He pulled me out of my bedroom to show me his "cowboy pose".  It was so cute, I had him do it again for a picture.

He has finished one week of chemo and now has 3 more weeks in a row.  We go to have his counts checked on Tuesday to see if he can still get it this week.  It will just be a push - he won't have to carry it around with him.  He'll also go back on the steroids for 7 days.  This could be a rough month, so I'm praying for no side effects.

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