Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Open House

A couple of my friends from work (Erin & Margie) were nice enough to throw an open house for us last weekend. We invited people to come see the house and hang out. It turned out great. We had enough people that it was full and fun, but not so many that it was too crowded to enjoy it.

Here are some pictures of us that Erin took during the open house.

Katherine's First Concert

On Feb 4th, we took Katherine to her first concert - Casting Crowns. They are one of Jon's favorite groups and Katherine knows the words to most of their songs. There were two acts before they came out and Katherine got a little upset. She said "Where are Casting Crowns? That's who I came here to see!"

While they performed, she stood up, danced, and waved her arms in the air. She had a blast.