Monday, October 4, 2010

I don't have as many things to write about now that we're home from the hospital, but that's really a good thing. 

I kept Joey home from church yesterday morning and Jon took Katherine.  I'm just not ready yet to expose him to all those germs.  Also - I've gotten used to seeing his blood counts each morning and now I feel much more in the dark with what is going on inside of him. 

I buzzed his hair a little shorter, but not super short.  I didn't think about how hard it was going to be to keep the hair out of his "sterile" area around his line.  I taped some plastic wrap on him - it looked ridiculous.  I also gave him a bath for the first time and changed his wrapping on his line for the first time by myself.  It was a lot harder than it seemed in the hospital.  It took me 15 minutes and Joey got very impatient because he was super cold.  When Jon saw it later, he laughed at the amount of tape I used and offered to be the main line cleaner.  He said he was offering because I have enough to do around here, but I know he just didn't like the way I did it.  At least he was nice about it...

We went to Mom's for lunch after church as we usually do.  Joey always likes say the prayer before we eat.  Over the last year or so he has started adding to his prayers.  Yesterday he said "I pray that I get better so I can go back to school."  It was so sweet, I got choked up for a second, but I didn't want him to think anything was wrong.

Today, I worked from home.  I took Joey to Tree House (his daycare) for a couple of hours and stayed with him to ease him into it slowly.  They were great with him.  The kids were very good, but did have a lot of questions.  One girl asked me "why is his blood sick?"  I could only tell her that no one knows why.  He warmed up to being there after a while. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get him to stay there all afternoon so I can go into work.  Tree House has gotten creative with fund-raising for us. They are so great. 

There are a few different fund-raisers going on.  People ask us if it's ok.  It's a really strange feeling to have people raising funds for us.  It will be very helpful since I'm losing a lot of pay and we've got co-pays and co-insurance so I'm very thankful, but it doesn't feel normal.  I hope everyone knows how thankful we are for everything.

I notice a few changes in him.  He's really tired and he's cold all the time.  He's also thirsty a lot and his appetite has really grown.  I can't tell how much is the cancer and how much is the medicine.  He may get more chemo this week.  We go in for labs tomorrow morning which will determine if he'll get more treatments this week.

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