Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, they now don't think he has myocarditis.  They ran some other tests that were not consistent with it.  After looking at everything, they think there is something outside of the heart that is causing it to beat fast.  To be sure, they performed another EKG tonight and will do another echo in the morning.  They are a bit stumped but gave us some possibilities.  They are also running 2 tests in the morning to check his adrenal system.  We also have to wait and watch.  Because they need to monitor his heart rate constantly, they are not moving him out the PICU.  They aren't going to let him go home until they figure out what is going on.  The pediatric cardiologist spent much of today trying to figure it out and talking to Children's Mercy in KC.  We are praying to get some answers tomorrow and they it is something easy to fix.

He still feels good and got up and played today.  His spirits are also still really good, which is such a blessing.  They just don't understand how he can feel so great and have no other symptoms, but have such a high heart rate. 

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Brian said...

I read your and your son's story and my heart breaks. No one, especially not a child, deserves to go through this.

It's great news that he is in remission and while it's a long road, I'm sure it's one that will cure him.

Him, you and your family are in my prayers. I can't begin to comprehend God's plan or why such things happen, but I do know we're all in this world together and when one of us suffers we all suffer.

Hopefully his heart condition will be something as you said easily fixed. I know it's not much consolation but both my younger brother and myself were born with heart conditions. I know it's terribly scary, but the doctors will find out what's wrong and they'll fix it.

I can tell by the pictures you posted that he's really high spirited and happy. You're very lucky to blessed with him.