Friday, October 29, 2010


We found out today that Joey is officially in remission!  This means that only less than 5% of the cancer cells remain in his bone marrow.  Remission was the goal for the end of the 28-day induction phase, which ended on Monday.  We will meet with the doctor next week and hopefully find out a few things: 1) the genetic test results from the first aspiration 2) the risk category that he is in (low, standard, or high), & 3) the treatment plan for the next 2.5 years.

The heart issues are a speedbump that may cause us to be in the hospital a lot, but he should be able to work out of them. Right now, his heart rate is in the 150's.  Normal for his age is 80-130.  His spirits are still high, which is great.  He had some fun today at a Halloween party here at the hospital - I'll post some pictures later.  He's just really ready to be home.  It has been 37 days since his diagnosis, and we've spent 18 of those days in the hospital.  It's really hard on him.  The remission means that he'll have some breaks between treatment, but I believe he'll have a spinal tap and chemo into his spine (as a precaution) next week or the week after. 

We greatly appreciate all of the prayers and support we continue to receive.  Thank you!

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