Saturday, October 2, 2010

Going Home

Yesterday (Friday) Joey got another type of chemo. This one they injected into his thigh - he really didn't like it. They had to watch him for a while after and his blood pressure dropped a bit. They started giving him something in his line to increase it, which worked. Because of this, we had to stay until about 5:00 before being discharged.

Before we left, we learned how to change the dressing on Joey's central line, which has to be done every day. We also got the bag full of medical supplies for the next 30 days. I'm sure it will become easy, but it makes me a little nervous now. They say that we can expect the line to get infected at some time no matter how well we clean it.

It was like moving day, and we almost couldn't fit it all in the car. We came home to a wonderfully clean house - it was so nice. We are very thankful to everyone who helped out with our house - lots of cleaning and decorating. It all looks great. We actually got to have a home-cooked meal thanks to Erin and her awesome lasagna.

This morning, we went out into public for the first time since the diagnosis. It was a little strange being out in the real world after being so consumed by this for the last 9 days. We went to a pancake feed fundraiser for the Leukemia walk. We went last year and wanted to be sure to go again to meet the family of a teenage girl who just finished her 2.5 year treatment for ALL. It was good getting to talk to her and her parents. We also met the organizer of the walk who encouraged us to come and meet other families.

Katherine walked in the parade at the Goddard Fall Festival after breakfast. We just put Joey in a stroller and wrapped him up in a blanket to watch.

It was apparently all too much for Joey. He fell asleep in the car and slept for about 4 hours after we got home.

Joey, waiting for the car to go home

Watching the parade

Katherine came up to give Joey some candy


Erin S. said...

The picture of Joey "watching the parade" - awesome photo!!!!

I'm so glad you got to get out and enjoy this beautiful day!! Love you! We won't stop praying!

Desta said...

So glad you are home and have such amazing family and friends helping you out cleaning and cooking! Praying EVERYDAY- you all are constantly on my mind and heart- thanks for the updates and pictures! He is the sweetest boy EVER- and the bravest!

Cara Cramer said...

Hello. I am friend of Angie Costley. My daughter Cheyenne has ALL. She got diagnosed in May. We are in month 4 of the first 6 months. It was so good to read your blog. It reminded me of when we first started this journey. I started a caringbridge site for Cheyenne. it's I would love to talk/offer support to you if you need it. It can be overwhelming. Hope to talk to you soon.

Cara Cramer