Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun in the Hospital

We are still in the PICU.  He has been diagnosed with myocarditis.  It is an inflammation of the heart that is sometimes seen in patients receiving chemo.  They believe that his heart will heal after a few months on medication.  We don't know, however, if his heart will heal with scarring or without.  They continue to monitor his heart rate and check his VBG O2 saturation a few times each day.  They want it to be 70% and it is currently 65%.  It has to go up to 70% before we get to leave the PICU.  We're sad that he has to spend Halloween here (especially after being in the hospital for Katherine's birthday and his own), but he's taking it well.

They have been letting him go across the building to the peds floor to play and attend the Halloween party.  He just has to take his portable monitor with him.  His spirits are good and he's able to actually have fun when he goes over there.

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