Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joey went to the cardiologist today for a follow-up from our last hospital stay.  Everything looks great.  They have no idea what caused the high heart rate, but it's gone now and there is no damage.  This was very good news.  Now we just keep our eye on it to make sure it doesn't go back up.

He's not feeling great today, but could be much worse.  I can tell he's starting to get a little bit weak again.  He got a single dose of chemo on Monday and is on the steroids again for this week.  He hasn't been to Tree House for a while but will be going tomorrow and Thursday, so I really hope that goes well.  They are having a Christmas program on Saturday - I'll be surprised if he participates, but we're going to go anyway just in case he will.

He did have a really good Thanksgiving.  He had lots of cousins in town and played all day.  I was so thankful he wasn't sick for it.

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