Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was thinking the yesterday about what we (mostly Joey) have experienced in the first 45 days of his illness.

Here it is:
4 hospital admissions totaling 23 days (4 in the PICU) (including his birthday, sister's b-day and Halloween)
2 surgeries (2 Hickman placements)
2 bone marrow aspirations
2 spinal taps
6 blood transfusions
1 platelet transfusion
4 chest x-rays
2 CT scans
3 EKG's
2 Electrocardiograms
2 times dehydrated
2 central line blockages
28 days of steroids
7 doses of chemo drugs
1 sinus infection
1 round of antibiotics
1 large, painful rash no one could diagnose (narrowly missed having a skin biopsy)
8 pounds gained (23% add'l body weight)
1 lost job (Jon's)
1 lost vehicle (Jon's company truck)
1 work position given up (Angie had to step down from current role at work to one that is less intense)

No wonder we all feel like we've been run over by a train!

On a happier note... we have made many new friends along the way and have experienced the love and support of so many people. 

Update on Joey: He is feeling much better and almost acting like himself again.  He was so excited today because he was finally able to go up the stairs with no help.  He won't have another treatment until the 22nd - I'm so thankful for this break he's getting. 

Update on Jon: This week has been one of the hardest for him, second only to when Joey was diagnosed.  Losing his job was such a shock that it's taking some time to digest what has happened to him and learn to switch his gears.  Losing that significant piece of his identity is very difficult.  After going through what we have with Joey, all of our emotional reserves are completely exhausted, and he didn't have any left to try to deal with this.  However, he is coming through and starting to see some light as he's able to accomplish some things at home.  He has also received a few calls about some landscaping work (including one of the doctors from the hospital). 

Joey's preschool is hosting a carnival this Saturday to help us out financially.  They have been so great to us and to Joey.  Here is he information if you live close and would like to come:
Saturday, November 13 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Family Church
11135 W Kellogg (across from the Cotillion
Wichita, KS

Please plan attend a Fall Carnival hosted by Tree House Learning Center for the Benefit of Joseph Bacon.

There will be face painting, food, bouncy, carnival games and a great raffle. Items to be raffled include:
Signed soccer ball from Women's 1999 World Cup Championship Team (including Mia Hamm)
Goodie Baskets valued up to $200.00
and many others.


Terri said...

Dear Bacon family, I have been fighting against breast cancer the past eight months and have gone throught so much. Poor Joey has gone through more then any child should ever have to bare. My heart is aching for Joey and your whole family! As an adult I know how hard it is to go through cancer treatment, but as a child it is so much worse. I saw a video of Joey laying in bed and just laughing and laughing, what an amazing child! I am keeping Joey and you family in my thoughts and prayers and may God Bless you all and make Joey better soon!

The Bacon Family said...

Thank you! Cancer is awful for everyone - no one of any age should have to endure it and the invasive treatments. We'll pray for you also and would like to know updates when you have them.
- The Bacon's

Terri said...

I have a caringbridge page, which is alot like this blog. A friend of mine had encouraged me to set it up because so many people were calling and emailing.

I had four months of chemo, followed by a lumpectomy. The pathology after the lumpectomy came back with a different cancer then the biopsy when I was first diagnosed. I was first diagnosed with ductual carcinoma, I actually had lobular carcinoma and lobular insitu. Because of this finding, three weeks after my lumpectomy I was back for a bilateral mastectomy. I am now finishing up my last week of radiaton. I agree with you one should have to endure this! I prayed for Joey all through mass this morning. A friend of mine had posted his video on facebook and he just won my heart. Since seeing his video I have thought and prayed for him daily. God Bless!