Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joey finished carrying around his bag today, for this time anyway.  He'll carry it for 2 days every 3 weeks for the next 20 weeks or so.  He will get a single dose of chemo the next 2 Mondays and will be back on the steroids again next week for 7 days.

After we dropped off the bag, we took him to Wal-Mart to use a gift card that he got from my aunt and uncle (Jenni and Steve).  He picked out the new Super Mario for the Wii and is already addicted to it.  I think Jon is too.

I created another website about a year ago but never did much with.  We've decided to use it in conjunction with this blog to support our efforts to get past this "stage" in our lives.  Joey and Katherine made some paintings which have been turned into hand-made Christmas ornaments and are available for purchase at

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us.  We've received some donations through this page, all from people we've never even met.  There are some wonderful people out there - THANK YOU!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a partial list of what I'm thankful for (I can't list everything here):
My family
My home (especially with the wind blowing like crazy outside tonight)
My job
God's faithfulness
Our church family
The massive research and multiple studies that have resulted in finding a cure for ALL
I live in a country where medical care is readily available
Health insurance
Joey's cancer is responding to the treatments
We live in Wichita and are close to the doctor and hospital
To spend Thanksgiving NOT in the hospital
Friends and family who have been great to us since Joey's diagnosis
Strangers who have been great to us since Joey's diagnosis

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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