Sunday, December 5, 2010

There's not too much to report from the last week or so.  He's been getting chemo each week now and has been on the steroids this week.  I can't wait for him to go off the steroids - they mess with his stomach.  He has been slowing down some this week, but not too bad.  He's willing to walk most of the time but asks to be carried more than normal and doesn't like going up and down the stairs.  He'll go in tomorrow afternoon more treatments.

We did some fun things this weekend.  His grandma took him to the zoo Friday afternoon, we all went to lunch and a Christmas play on Saturday, and we had a family Christmas dinner Saturday night with my Dad's side of the family.  Tree House had their Christmas program Saturday afternoon and I was hoping he would participate, but didn't expect him to.  They tried, but he refused, so he sat on my lap and watched his class.  A year ago, he had a lot of fun singing in his program.  We see a pretty big difference in his personality since he's been sick and spent so much time in the hospital.

I'm really praying that he stays well this week.  This Friday, he gets to be the Pilot for a Day at the Air Force base.  The have 4 hours of stuff planned and every morning he asks "do I get to be pilot today".  After that, we're going to my parents lake house for the weekend.  They bought it right around the time that he was diagnosed and we haven't been able to leave town until now, so he's really excited to go.  His grandpa has already checked out the directions to the nearest hospital to the house.  It's risky for us to plan too many things, but it's hard not to.  We just have to know that we could end up in the hospital and have to cancel.

 Playing Wii - Super Mario game that he loves

 9 Kids at my aunt's for Thanksgiving

 Trying to get the star on the tree - he wasn't quite tall enough.  (Joey refuses to wear clothes at home, so I have hundreds of pictures of him in his underwear - at least he had his shirt on here.)
 Decorating the tree at Grandma's

He got to open one present from Grandma after putting up the tree.  

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