Friday, December 24, 2010

All Good News

Lots of good news and blessings from God to share today:
  • It's Christmas Eve and we're not in the hospital 
  • His counts came up some this week from last week - his immune system is stronger
  • The rash is still there but going away
  • The lips sores are almost gone
  • No vomiting since Wednesday
  • He went to a movie yesterday for the first time since diagnosis (I've been too scared to take him into a theater)
  • He gets to "meet" his Uncle Dave (Jon's only brother) today - he lives in Japan and Joey was 18 months old last time he was here.
  • I'm done going to work until Jan 3
  • My company made a deal with the state this week to keep them in Wichita for the next 10 years, rather than moving to a Louisiana, which as been an option for the last several months
  • Really BIG news: Jon got a job and starts Feb 1!  He'll be designing and selling for Superior Landscape Management.  It seems like it's going to be a much better place to work than where he was before and it's the exact type of job he wanted.  


Erin S. said...

So wonderful! Love you guys!! Merry Christmas!!

desta said...

AWESOME!!! God is good!!!!!