Monday, December 20, 2010

After the awesome Air Force experience last Friday, we went to Table Rock for the weekend with the family.  My parents recently bought a house right on the lake and this was our first chance to go with Joey.  It was good to get away.

Last Tuesday, he got 2 hours of fluids and then a spinal tap.  He was a very big boy and didn't fight them (because he "finger promised" me that he would be a big boy), but the doctor had a difficult time getting the fluid to come out and had to dig a bit, so it was painful for him.   He carried around his bag of chemo for 48 hours from Tuesday to Thursday afternoon.  He spent Wednesday morning at Tree House - the first time he has taken his bag there.  I thought he might be embarrassed but he was fine.

They checked his blood on Tuesday, and we discovered that some of his counts plummeted from the week before. His immune system is lower now than it's been for a while.  We're starting to see some side effects to the methotrexate. He's got a full-body rash, sores on his tongue, and sores on his lips.  There's not much we can do - just wait for them to go away.  They don't hurt him as much as they look like they do.  

We saw the Nutcracker Saturday night and he loved it.  I made him wear a mask since his counts were so low - I was too paranoid about having him sit in an auditorium with all those people. 

He's been battling a cold for the last few weeks and had stopped eating this weekend.  When he saw Dr. Rosen this morning, he wasn't feeling well and the doctor knew the look.  He handed him a bucket and Joey vomited for the first time since this all started.  Afterward, he felt much better and ate his lunch.  After sleeping for the afternoon, he woke up with lots of energy for the rest of the day. 

 Outside Bass Pro Shop in Branson

 Making Rudolf at Build-A-Bear

 Katherine, Kyler, Kennedie, & Joseph with their new friends

 Being silly at Bass Pro

 Got a pic of Katherine with Santa but not Joey - he refused b/c it wasn't the "real" Santa

 Posing before going to the Nutcracker

 Being silly -if you look close, you can see the sores on his poor little lips

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