Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Sun Run

Katherine and Joey decided that they wanted to do the 2-mile Easter Sun Run on the day before Easter.  This is the same race that Katherine ran last year when she discovered she liked to run.  Since she wasn't tired when she finished the 4-mile race, we told her to run this one as hard as she wanted to.  We made Joey stay with Grandpa (or maybe the other way around), but he was determined to make it the whole 2 miles.

Katherine ran it hard and was tired when it was over.  She freaked out a little bit when she couldn't get a deep breath, but once she got that first one, she was fine.  She won first place for her age group again!  I think her time was 15:20.  Based on her time, she would have placed second in the older age group.

Joey did well, also.  He ran about 1 1/2 before taking a break to walk a little bit and then finished it running.

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