Saturday, September 22, 2012

Joey Soccer

We started Joey in AYSO this year so he could play more than just during the spring.  Jon is his coach - his first time to be a head coach.  Their team is very new to soccer and they are all on the younger (and smaller) end of their age group, so Jon has his hands full.  They've only played 2 games so far, and I won't even mention the scores, but I think they have fun.  Joey is small, but he's really aggressive. He wanted to play goal-keeper and was disappointed to find out they don't use them in his age-group. His eyes are really sensitive to the sun (they always have been, but even more so from the medicine, so he got some sunglasses he can wear when he plays. He also wears a cushion over his chest to help protect his port.  It would be really hard to injure it, but it doesn't feel good to him to have it hit.

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