Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memorial Day

We normally would have gone to the lake for the long weekend, but Joey wasn't up to it, so we stayed home with him and let Katherine go with Grandma.  We tried to make the weekend fun for him, but he wasn't really interested in doing much.  All 6 of the Star Wars movies have been on TV, so I recorded them on the DVR and we watched 3 of them. We also took him to see Avengers, which he loved.  He just wasn't feeling well.  He also have back pain that came and went, so he would watch the movies with ice on his back.

We even took him to a pool party, but he was only in the water for a few minutes and then he just sat and watched. 

He didn't feel well for about a week, but then perked back up and is doing much better now.

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