Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween 2011

Just like every year, we took the kids to the Night of the Living Zoo. It's fun to be in zoo in the dark and they changed it up a little bit this year. The weather was great - not too cold.

 Joey was Davey Crocket this year.  We've been to the Alamo twice and he took a liking to Davey.  The second time we went was last summer and he begged for this vest to go along with the hat he already had.

At Grandma's house before the zoo.

I took the day off on Halloween so I could go to all the kids' parties.

Joey's kindergarten class party

Katherine walking in the school parade

Trick - or -treating on Halloween night.  The weather was so nice that we stayed out longer than we ever have before.  They got WAY too much candy.

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