Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day #4

Again, there was little action today regarding tests and treatments. They gave him one drug that will keep the cells from forming into tumors and also keep his uric acid down once the chemo starts, but there were no side effects. He's getting IV fluids right now that will keep going while he sleeps to get him nice and hydrated for the morning. I'm guessing we'll be up several times tonight for potty breaks.

He felt great again today and spent all day playing. He had several visitors and played in the playroom with his cousins and some friends. He also got some great toys and movies (he watched 4 Veggie Tales movies tonight).

He asked a lot of questions today - some of the same questions over and over. The first words he said when he woke up this morning was "Do I get to home today? Tomorrow?" He asked several times "Why do I have to have surgery again?" We explain it to him, but it's just not something he understands. When he thinks of being sick, he things of something that he does (like coughing). He doesn't understand being sick when you feel just fine. It's actually a blessing that he doesn't understand. If he understood it, he would be scared.

First thing tomorrow morning, he goes up for sedation and will be in procedures and recovery much of the morning. They will perform a bone marrow biopsy (in his hip), a spinal tap, and put some chemo directly into his spine. The biopsy will give them more information about the cancer cells so the specific treatment can be determined. The spinal tap is to check if there are any cancer cells in his spinal fluid - when the go into the spinal fluid, they can travel into the brain. He has no symptoms that this has happened. The chemo into the spine is to prevent them from going there or kill them if they already have. They will give him some anti-nausa medicine and pain meds, but he may still feel sick and be sore in the hip. All kids react differently, so we'll just have to wait and see how well he tolerates it. One of my prayers through all of his treatment is that he not be miserably sick. Especially since he feels fine now, I just hate the thought of making him feel bad, even though I know it has to be done.

The support, love, prayers, help, etc that we've been shown already is just amazing. I'm not sure how to describe how grateful we are. It feel a little strange to be the recipient of it and know that we'll never be able to give back all we've been given. I'll probably say it over and over, but THANK YOU to everyone. We are trusting in God to get us through this and know He is making it happen by using the people around us.

The foam gets a little messy...

Katherine made him a poster for his room

Playing with his new fire truck (he got a couple of different trucks today)

Showing off his Hickman line


The Harmon4 said...

We are praying for strength for all of you, Angie!! Rochelle

Kelsey said...

We've been praying for all of you and know God will provide the strength and comfort you need. I'm glad Joey got to see the fire truck...I'm sure he loved it!