Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day #3

Since its the weekend, there wasn't much going on today with tests and treatments.

Joey always says that he wants to be a fireman (like his Uncle Chad). Chad and 2 other firefighters came to see Joey in full gear. He was a little overwhelmed when they first came in but he got better as it went on. They gave him is own truck 3 (their truck) t-shirt and he got to go outside to see the truck itself. (It was the first time he or I had been outside since Thursday morning.) He climbed in and they showed him some of their equipment. He even got to play with the heat-sensing camera. Katherine pulled the horn and the cars on Hillside started pulling over - pretty funny.

His blood tests were better because of the transfusions from the last 2 days, so he didn't have any more today. His white blood count was lower than yesterday but only slightly. He still has no fevers and feels pretty good most of the time. He slept about 2 hours in the afternoon and was a little grumpy when he got up.

Shawna brought me a binder and recommended that I get copies of the labs, etc to put in it so I can track everything as we go. I never would have thought to do that but it helps me feel like I can better understand what's going on with him. The binder will probably be packed full in a couple of years.

This is a bit gross, but too funny not to share. When Joey goes potty, he has to do it in a plastic container so they can track the amount of urine against the amount of fluid he drinks. He needs someone to help him so he doesn't make a mess. Jon was helping him, but didn't quite get the container on right and instead pushed "everything" up. Joey immediatly started going and it shot straight up into Jon's face. Joey loved it.

Thank you, everyone, who has been helping us out though this. Many of you have brought snacks, toys, meals, or anything else we need, and we really appreciate it.

Joey with Uncle Chad

Playing with the heat camera and testing the temperature in his mouth.

Playing each other in Mario Cart

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