Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well, we have survived. So far, anyway. We worked day after day to get things out of the house and into either 1. the garage sale, 2. the storage unit, or 3. my Mom's house. We've been staying here now since Sunday night. We had a little issue with closing on the sale. Jon and I signed our papers today, but it won't be final until they sign the rest of the papers which is scheduled for Monday.

We did take some time out to go to the Martina McBride concert Sunday night. I love to see her - it was my fourth time. I think she gets better every time.

We still haven't had the meeting with our builder. The paperwork for the appraisal is hung up at the mortgage company and we can't meet until that is complete. We will hopefully hear something in the next week. Now that we are out of the old house, I'm ready to get started on the new one.

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