Saturday, May 5, 2007

Busy, Busy

Things are crazy for us right now. This next week is going to be even busier.

We've been preparing for Katherine's dance recital, which is next weekend (I'll post pictures afterward).

She also has her Cubbie award ceremony tomorrow night. Cubbies is part of Awana clubs. It's for 3-4 year-olds. They memorize a Bible verse every week, do crafts, etc. I help teach, so I'll be part of the award ceremony also. When she says her verses, she earns patches to wear on a vest. Of course, I hadn't sewed any on all year and had to do them all last Tuesday.

Joey had his last Parents as Teachers home visit on Thursday. That was the last one for the year and next year, we'll be in a different school district.

Last night, we went swimming at the YMCA. Katherine loves to go and has been asking for weeks. We figured we ought to get some good out of the monthly fee we keep paying.

We finished the contract last Sunday night to build our new house. They won't start until after a meeting with the builder that they call the Red Line meeting. We don't know yet when that will be.

Today is my Grandma's birthday. I've been busy the last couple of nights putting together a few pages of a two-book scrapbook my mom is putting together for her.

While looking through pictures for the pages, I found several of Troy (our brother-in-law who passed away two weeks ago). I found one that is especially good of him and Jon asked me to post it here. It was taken Jan 2003 - Katherine was only a few months old. Troy always loved babies and like to hold Katherine.

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