Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last Chemo Shot!!!

Joey had his very last chemo shot on his dad's birthday!  We brought the whole family for it - even let Katherine get out of school.

Here is the plan now:  He'll take his daily chemo pill for one more week, and then NO MORE CHEMO!  He'll continue to get his finger poke for labs each week. In 3-4 weeks, we'll go to the hospital for a bone marrow aspiration to make sure there are no more cancer cells.  If that's clear, he'll be done!  His body will take about 6 months to return to normal so he still can't get his vaccinations and will keep taking the antibiotic.  He'll start seeing Dr. Rosen once each month and have his blood checked once a month for the first year.  They'll take out his port some time this summer.

When we first started this, we were given a weekly roadmap - it was for 130 weeks of treatment.  I kept track every week of where we were, and now all of those weeks are complete!  It seems a little strange, but it's certainly a blessing!

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