Friday, August 3, 2012

It's a GIRL!

On the 24th, I had my routine sonogram. We let both kids come so they could be a part of it all.  I really wanted to be able to find out the gender but was worried (I don't know why) that we wouldn't be able to see.

First, the baby looked very healthy.  There was nothing out of the normal.  The kids thought it was pretty cool to watch her move around.  She was active the entire time.  She was also stubborn.  Every time the tech would try to take a look, she had something else in the way.  The tech was great and spent extra time trying to find out for us.  Finally, she was able to get a really good look.  Katherine was happy since she wanted a girl.  Joey said he would have liked a boy but is happy with a girl.

We even got a CD with the pictures and some short video clips.

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