Saturday, March 19, 2011

Joey is feeling much better now that his sinus infection is gone. At his appointment with Dr Rosen this week, we got the details on the new treatment course that he starts in 2 weeks.  He will now get fewer spinals and he won't have to carry the bag around for 48 hours anymore.  He'll be getting the same type of chemo but in pill form.  Every other week he'll take 6-8 pills every 4 hours for 24 hours.  This means we'll have to wake him up for some of the doses.  He'll also get another medicine the day after - 2 doses, 12 hours apart.  

I assumed this would be easier for him, but the doctor said that the chemo in pill form is usually harder on the body than the fluid because it stays in the body longer and has more time to be toxic.  I'm hoping he gets through this as well as he did the last 5 months.  

We are spending this weekend at my parents lake house on Table Rock.  We got to spend some time with my cousins family.  They live in Minnesota and we don't get to see them much, so it was really good.  Joey and Cody got along and had fun playing together.

Here are some pictures of some fun things we've been doing:

Jon and I ready for a night out

 Bowling with the family for Mom/Grandma's birthday

Joey and Brea (Daughter of my cousin, Jeremy)

All the kids at the lake house
Cody, Katherine, Brea & Joey

We had a little photo-shoot down by the water 

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