Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter Party

Katherine's school had an Easter party today (3/13). One of the mothers organized game after game. They had sack races, egg races, egg scramble (which Katherine won), a bunny pinata, and lots and lots of goodies.

This is Katherine's classroom. It was pretty chaotic.

Katherine was racing for the blue egg - this is the game that she won.

As you can imagine, it took several hits for them to finally break open the bunny.

Katherine was dying to know what sack races are before the party. She couldn't believe she actually had to get in a bag.

Don't worry... they are wooden eggs.


motherof2 said...

Are all these kids gifted too? Oh to be a fly on the wall!!

The Bacon Family said...

Yes, they are. Their teacher just loves when the parents get to see the kids interact with each other. It's pretty funny. Every one of them wants to be in charge. They are also all very interested in what all of the other kids are doing. I don't know how their teacher can spend all day with them each day!