Sunday, November 11, 2007

Joey the Big Boy

It's funny how sometimes kids have physical growth spurts - one day you realize that all of their jeans are too short. But sometimes kids have "growth spurts" that aren't so visible. Joey just turned 2 on Oct 20, and in the last few weeks, he seems to have grown up a lot. He's has become very independent. His new favorite phase is "do it!" - which means he wants to do it. He's learning how to do things like buckle his car seat, and get dressed on his own.

The biggest change is that he is no longer wearing diapers during the day (he is still sleeping in one). We started putting him in big boy underwear 2 weeks ago. We had 8 very long, frustrating days of cleaning up accidents every couple of hours. On the 9th day, it was amazing. He suddenly figured out what he was supposed to do. I'm sure he'll still have occasional accidents, but he is doing VERY well. I'm so proud of him!

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