Saturday, October 6, 2007

House Update # 7

The changes to the house are now going very quickly.

All windows and most doors are on (the garage doors are on but open in this picture). The roof is done, the electrical is done and most of the duct work is done. The showers, bathtub and fireplace are in.

On Monday (the 1st) we spent our lunch break picking out our appliances.

We had our electrical walk-through on Thursday (the 4th). It was really good. Both the superintendent and electrician were great. They were very helpful and took their time with us to make sure all questions were answered.

We have had a very good experience so far. We have had 2 issues - one of which was corrected the same day that we called them on it. Everything is picked out, so much of our work is done. We are still on track to close mid-December.

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